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Взгляд из Пентагона

Американские военные разработали концепцию применения армии в постоянно меняющейся обстановке современного мира. Ее основой является взаимодействие военных с дипломатами, зарубежными партнерами, СМИ и лидерами мнений. В качестве примера того, как это должно выглядеть, в Пентагоне приводят операцию Российской армии в Крыму:

Russian annexation of the Crimean Peninsula and use of conventional and
unconventional land forces in Ukraine suggest that Russia is determined to expand its territory
and assert its power on the Eurasian landmass. Russia deployed and integrated a range of
diplomatic, information, military, and economic means to conduct what some analysts have
described as “non-linear” operations.
Russia conducted operations to pursue its war aims
below the threshold that would elicit a concerted North Atlantic Treaty Organization response.
In addition, Russia used cyberspace capabilities and social media to influence perceptions at
home and abroad and provide cover for large-scale military operations. While the long-term
results of the incursion into Ukraine are not yet certain, Russia demonstrated the centrality of
land forces in its effort to assert power and advance its interests in former Soviet states. Without
a viable land force capable of opposing the Russian army and its irregular proxies, such
adventurism is likely to continue undeterred.
Russia’s actions highlight the value of land
forces to deter conflict as well as special operations and conventional force capability to project
national power and exert influence in political contests.
Есть там и абзац " Respond to and mitigate crises in the homeland."
От него так и веет гелетеем
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